Tented Event Receptions Package

Tented Event:  Estimate to Rent all Rooms and Glamping sites at capacity for two nights required $2500* +$4,199 for two 30'x30' clear tents next to each other (seat up to 160 sitting diners) + $40 per guest equipment charge + catering costs + options

(plus applicable taxes-{sales tax=7.45% and Room Tax is 4%}, gratuity, + 3.5% credit card fees for any amounts charged.)

We can provide dining service options and receptions on concrete flooring with full catering table service in an area adjacent to the main house that has an elevated head table option.  This service option applies to both to wedding receptions and larger business/family events.


    0-160                    Guests                     0-160  Guests                                              EXAMPLE RECEPTION COST  

  Tented Recpt         Per Person Fee             2-30'x 30' Open                                                         160 GUESTS                

   Room 2 nights      Equipment Charge       Clear Top Tent Fee                                        TENT BASED/NEAR MAIN HOUSE

     $2500*             $40/Guest Reception         $4199                             2500*+40x160+4199= $13099 + food costs per person***+any decorations/entertainment

                                                                                                                                                      +4% room tax on room cost

                                                                                                                                             + 7.45% sales tax + any credit card fee                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


* Larger receptions (more the 48 persons) are required to rent all of the main house rooms and Glamping sites at full capacity. Any Hydrangea room occupant must allow their bathroom to be used as a public powder room during any tented event. Rooms/Glamping (when you bring your own RV's) are available for bride, family, attendants, groomsmen or others to stay.

Contact us to reserve your event.

** Indoor receptions that utilize the main guest living area for serving require an extra $2500 fee to relocate and return existing furniture and the renters must rent all the rooms and Glamping sites at full capacity for 3 nights (night before, during and after event). Indoor sit down receptions are limited to 52 persons maximum with a band area and dance floor included.  Appetizer walk around style receptions could be done for up to 100 persons in the guest indoor+porch areas. If the pool table is desired temporarily relocated, there is an additional $3,500 tear down, re-felting and set-up fee. If the pool table is desired moved, a 4th night of the full capacity glamping and room rentals is also required.

***Our per guest food option catering prices have ranged from $8 for Drinks/Cakes only to $45 for appetizers/drinks/fruit tray/cheese tray/desserts to $75 for full course sit down dinners with open bar catering.

NOTE: Certain options such as floral, cakes, decorations, specialty night lighting, arbors, special dance floors, candles, runners etc are not included in the totals above and will be added costs if requested. We have a wedding planner under contract who will help you for a very low added fee to help plan your entire wedding event. Call if you desire contact with her (985-634-7786).

NOTE: The above examples are to allow the client to have a pricing idea. They may increase or decrease as each event's requirements differ and during certain periods alternative suppliers may be necessary at a higher price. For example, platforms may be desired for the guests of honor and/or the band. A firm quote can be provided once all your needs are known.

Please Note:
  • BBQ night foods will vary in content. However, they will always have unsweet tea (with sweeteners available), ice water and S'mores for around the fire.
  • Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast will not serve alcoholic beverages but it has no policies that prevent client's from bringing their own beverages.
  • Although we encourage guests to socialize in our common areas, Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast can serve your full breakfast with fresh juices on your rooms private balcony on request.
  • In addition to a professional 18 hole golf course, Cam2 Golf Course has a driving range and you can rent balls to drive by the bucket. You can also enjoy their clubhouse before and after you tee off. After a day of hitting the dimpled ball. come back to the bed and breakfast to enjoy our games or other activities.
  • Please see our Event Policy page for more information.

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