2021 Vote For the B&B - The Daily Star Best of Tangipahoa Poll

August 16, 2021

At the B&B

Many guests desire trading stories intermingled with varied amounts of solitude needs.  Mine largely from B&B build and pre-retirement ExxonMobil days.  Theirs from whatever life experiences they are anxious to talk about.

First of all, Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery needs your SUPPORT IN A POPULARITY POLL,.  Instructions are later in this BLOG.

More importantly, you need that getaway,   Be revitalized on rolling hills on the forested 30 acre estate in the well appointed guest rooms of a 10000 sq ft built ground up in 2018 mansion. and with award winning Chef Laura (my wife) Best Chef of Northshore gourmet breakfasts and snacks included.  Book your Stay and learn of the numerous amenities directly at or call 985-634-7786.


Thanks for the past Support on Voting


Last year (2020) we came in second by less than 100 votes in the thousands cast for the Best of Tangipahoa Parish Survey made by our local paper – The Daily Star.

We are making a run at it again this year and we need your help as vote(s) cast.

You can VOTE FOR BIENVENUE MON AMIBED AND BREAKFAST with as many emails as you have access (use a different device if possible for each email). 

Before the polling close date of August 28 (8PM CST USA), 2021, open the link below (you may need to paste it into your browser) scroll to Best Bed and Breakfast Category and input your email. The set-up input will make your login account and send you an email. Occasionally you will get a “you have been logged out….” message. You will then need to follow the message and subsequent email directions to properly register the votes. Note: You will again need to scroll down to and select the vote options for each category that we need your vote in.


You will not have properly voted unless you

1. Scroll to Best Event Center.

*Select Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast.

2. Most importantly continue to scroll to Best Bed and Breakfast.

*Again, select Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast.

3. If you want to help us a little more, Select one of our resident massage therapists, “Steven Husser” as thebest and the architect who designed our main mansion,

”Tom Pistorius”, as the best.


Accolades our friends (you, mon ami) have helped Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfastand Art Gallery acquire are listed below:


* 2021 Trip Advisor Choice Award based on all reviews only presented to the top 10% of their listings Worldwide.


* 2020 Louey Awarded for Best Accommodation in the State by Louisiana Office Of Tourism (one nominated per parish and awarded based on community involvement, amenities, reviews and more as judged by Louisiana Travel Association)


* Sophisticated Woman Magazine Best of the Northshore Poll:

 - 2018,2019,2020 Best Bed and Breakfast

 - 2020 Best Chef – Laura Atkinson of Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast

  - 2020 Best Event Center

  - 2019 Best Hotel and RV Camping


Samplings of Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery Featured in Print Articles:


* 008 Magazine of Layfayette, La.

* Guns and Garden Magazine

* 2020 Amite City Magazine

* Sophisticated Woman Magazine –Northshore

* Time Picayune - New Orleans

* Morning Advocate - Baton Rouge

* Daily Star - Tangipahoa Parish


Our facility has been utilized by Statewide Festival Events (eg Queen Coronation Stays), Netflix, Amazon Prime and Best Picture Academy Award winning movies.

Numerous B&B and Travel associations, Chambers, Tangipahoa parish and the state of Louisiana have proudly facilitated features of the B&B in travel events, within information centers and on numerous TV/Radio broadcasts. 

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