Luxurious Lodgings nested in Amite, Louisiana

Welcome, my friend to Bienvenue Mon Ami's well endowed and luxurious lodgings featuring a variety of unique elements. Enjoy the tranquility in rooms designed with numerous sound proofing and light control features The three main rooms include individual private large 200 square foot balconies where you can choose to both enjoy full sunset views in the evening and sleep later into the morning with our porch shutters full blackout capability. Our three main private elevated rooms have a full glass wall view through the porches to offer a forest view from your over 300 square foot individual accommodation area adorned with Amish hand-crafted furnishings surrounding the California king sized beds.  Each elevated room’s outdoor porch area has decorator barn door access between balconies that can be locked on either side.  

Two of these rooms include glass block walls with a unique night glow in the wet area and a third meets ADA compliance standards.  The geothermal HVAC controls and the whole facility back-up power systems are designed to assure that you can continually and individually maintain your bedroom temperatures to your comfort levels.  Specialty mattresses will lull you into a state of total relaxation, and the customized lighting and fixtures both intrigue and provide unique reflective appearances. Their large private bathrooms will amaze you with spacious walk-in wet room bathing areas that include showers with body sprays, rain heads and large double rounded back claw foot soaking tubs.

Special Safety Notes on our Social Distancing and Sanitizing: We have always strove to maintain as clean and clutter free facility as possible. However with the COVID-19 epidemic we have extended and improved our policies. We are a new facility designed with modern (eg geothermal HVAC individual room controls) and effective cleaning/maintenance policies and facilities that are not generally available to re-bulit or modernized older facilities. Most of our exterior walls are glass and let in cleansing sunlight. Our black-out outdoor porch edge hurricane shutters, which also routinely sunlight and sanitizer cleansed, are our window treatments that are open for most of the day to afford the guests grand 2nd and 3rd story views of our 30 acres of forest and fairways. We opened in December of 2018 as a new build facility with all theses and more unique and effective cleansing designs

Bienvenue Mon Ami has large common & private areas for you to bring restaurant take-outs for your social distance dining on porches, in game rooms or in picnic areas.  Our complimentary gourmet breakfasts & evening snacks are room specific for your room's private balcony or for any of our well-spaced 6 + ft. apart dining areas.  We change our pillows & linens between each guest to a new sanitized version.  While COVID-19 is an issue, all guest reading materials are discarded between guest stays.  Hand & appliance sanitizer liquids & wipes are provided for guests to use.   Staff daily cleanse interior common area typical touch points (pool cues, switches, coded room & elevator door handles, foosball handles, shuffleboard pieces, air hockey hitters & all game lean-on points, +).  Check-ins & outs are all electronically performed from appropriate social distances. Our hot tub is scheduled for one at a time usage and is readily cleaned between clents. Interior window treatments are minimal and the few we have are cleaned between clients. We UV treat our fabrics cushions between clients & we've extensive outdoor areas. to that see enough sunlight for increased effective sanitizing beyond or disinfectants used on touch points. Our common area kitchen requires no guest to touch a point that is not or cannot be sanitized. All our appliance controls and handles are readily cleansed with disinfectants and we provide sanitizers for each guest to on the push buttons and handles of controls and cooking appliances. We provide guests the option of using disposable or very high temperature dishwasher cleansed tableware. If you have a suggestion for our improving our process, let us know.

Luxury & comfort

After bathing with custom Bienvenue Mon Ami soaps, surround yourself in Comphy towels which are designed to absorb the heat from your in room towel warmer. Feel the warmth of a heated toilet seat that has an available continuously heated water bidet in your enclosed toilet area. Utilize the large mirrors over spicket style faucets on the designer granite countertops with double vessel sinks.

Our ground floor Hydrangea room has many of the amenities of the three elevated balcony rooms. It additionally has a Sleep Number elevation head/foot adjustment queen bed on the other side of its covered separate exterior access. All our facilities make you feel as if you are secure in a private club. Gated driveway entries, main house, in room computer safes, and room entrances all have code managed locks. All our entrances are video monitored/recorded and emergency call capabilities are strategically placed throughout our facility. Every window is either hurricane glass or can be readily protected by hurricane rated storm shutters.

Recognizing that the over three story high main house is on some of the highest ground in the area, a lightning rod protective system has been incorporated. All our facilities also utilize electrical supply pulse protection systems. Being a new build facility, we also have modern fire suppression and detection systems with around the clock security monitoring.


Melt The Stress Away

Our outdoor hot tub invites visitors to enjoy a relaxing soak in the beautiful surroundings of Bienvenue Mon Ami. It’s a break from the busy outside working world with a focus on rejuvenation. Close your eyes and enjoy the comforting waters while listening to nature dance around you. Or sit by the fire and enjoy endless conversation and hot coffee.

As we build Bienvenue Mon Ami, we are saving space for the future. For example, we have planned locations for a dry sauna and an appointment only massage area.   We are also investigating a work out area with an elliptical, treadmill and free weights.  Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the status of our coming enhancements. Until we have our expansions completed, we will gladly facilitate your acquiring similar nearby services within Tangipahoa Parish.


Breakfast & Snacks

Mon Ami, Two-story high windows allow views of vast nature while you enjoy breakfast indoors. Mild mornings will allow for breakfast on the spacious wrap around porch. Take advantage of the kitchenette in the common area to store leftovers and heat small meals in the microwave, in the oven or on the stovetop.

The built-in Miele espresso/coffee provides ready access all day to varied coffee options such as cappuccino or macchiato.  Enjoy a variety of beverage options while sitting back and relaxing with a late afternoon snack. Part of our trademark breakfast provides table side freshly squeezed juice. Individually French pressed coffee or hot chocolate can serve as an alternative to hot tea in our imported English tea pots.

Plan your evenings to enjoy takeout from local restaurants in our lounge area or in any of the indoor and outdoor eating areas.  The house balconies afford many dining locations in addition to Bienvenue Mon Ami’s outlying covered picnic areas and octagon fire-pit with flue surrounded by four dual Adriondack style cypress swings. Welcome, my friend.

Breakfast starts at 9 AM. Please communicate any dietary needs or necessary serving time requests to proprietors.

Glamping aka camping

We also offer two glamor camping sites (Glamping 1 and 2) with full RV connectivity (back-up powered 50 AMP service, sewer, and the same water our other guests have-softened, pH balanced and UV treated). These sites have full access to all Bienvenue Mon Ami room guest amenities including main house usage, game room usage and picnic areas. For these rentals you bring your own bed, kitchen, room, bath, towels and linen, but you have access to all the common areas and get to relish the Bienvenue Mon Ami breakfast cuisine.