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At least two months prior to the time you wish to visit Bienvenue Mon Ami, send your inquiry through our contact tab. We request your favorite two unique overall breakfast service recipe sets and dates you are available.

Please suggest a dish name for the overall and individual elements of each meal. We also encourage you to provide short descriptions of how flavors will complement each other. Explain the style of breakfast and whether it has any international-or locale-related affiliation and write a short paragraph with any cuisine relevant historic elements. Also, please write a two-sentence bio including  how you acquired your chef skills. Our house chef and select judges will inspect and/or test your entry and get in touch with you concerning your inquiry.

Guest Chefs  demonstrate skills to Laura and Jeff along with any of Bienvenue Mon Ami’s overnight guests. Unless we cannot find a specific ingredient for a reasonable price, you will not be responsible to provide ingredients. You will have access to our specially designed kitchen during your 2 night stay where you and your chosen guest share a room at no cost (free while you are the chef). Guest Chefs prepare cuisine for two mornings with the Bed and Breakfast's multiple award winning chef (Chef Laura) acting as your sous-chef. The guest chef room is generally the kitchen accessible Hydrangea room that has a sleep number queen bed with reclining head and raised feet options.

Guest Chefs  agree to allow us to print recipes where we will credit you in any of Bienvenue Mon Ami’s publications in which the recipes are published. You will need to sign a release and give us unlimited free publication permission for the recipes and text provided. We will work with you on dates for when our rooms/glamping sites are available to allow your friends and relatives rental opportunities. Once we have made the commitments, we will advertise/post your coming stay with brief descriptions of you and your offered cuisine.

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