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Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery with Sculpture Gardens will have at least one featured artist gallery showing event while the artwork is on display. The Bed and Breakfast, the associated gallery, the gallery owners, and the artist(s) will determine a date where they are mutually available. In the event a mutually available date cannot be found during the display period at Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast Gallery, the showing event will not be performed. Appetizers and beverages will be served. Advertisements for the event will be made. The showing audience will be limited to a maximum of 100 people inclusive of the gallery owners, the artist(s) and their invited guests. One of the facilities’ guest rooms will be provided to the artist(s) to spend the night of the showing event at the Bed and Breakfast Gallery. For artists incapable of representing themselves (eg deceased), their legal representative can act in the artist's behalf in all application and show representations.

To apply for a minimum 6 month showing (typically 12 months is the showing period) at Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery with Sculpture Garden you need to have at least 30 pieces of artwork that the gallery deems acceptable. As the artwork sells, additional pieces from the featured artist(s) will be sought. In the event additional pieces from the featured artist(s) are unacceptable to the gallery owners, or are unavailable, the gallery may elect to display other artists’ work.

For marketing purposes, the artist(s) will need to sign a waiver allowing Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery with Sculpture Gardens to freely photograph their displayed work for as long as it is for sale. Any post-gallery sales of the artwork directly coming via Bienvenue Mon Ami’s gallery/advertising connections within one year of the gallery displays closing will require the artist to provide the gallery the agreed retail less wholesale returns.

Our gallery walls and lighting systems can readily support up to 50 typical portrait size, flat artworks (e.g. paintings of all sorts, stained glass, photographs, numbered prints, etc). In addition to this size artworks, we can also readily display 10 more, larger sized wall/easel supported elements. For exceptional displays, these numbers can be increased. We also have space for sculptures, woodworking and other three-dimensional elements that artists can apply to display and sell.

The gallery owners are the sole decision makers of what artwork is to be displayed and offered for sale by the gallery. If an artist is selected as a potential featured artist, he/she is expected to work with Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery with Sculpture Garden to determine fair wholesale and retail pricing on a piece-by-piece basis. The exact timing of the showing is variable as it is expected to align with the featured artist(s) currently on display and in a queue.

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