Terms of Conditions

for Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast

1. Deposits & Payments

A 50% deposit is required at the time of reservation and is charged to the Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card you provide. The remaining balance is due on the day of check-in and will be charged to the card on file unless other payment arrangements have been made.

2. Room Occupancy

All rooms are strictly restricted to a maximum of two person occupancy. RV rentals have a “number of persons” pricing component. Any RV's exceeding 4 persons / RV will require proprietor pre-approval and include further incremental charges. Unfortunately, our property is not suited to accommodate children. Only animals allowed in our guest areas are service animals required by our ADA facility and RV guests. Prior approval even for service animals is necessary so that we can attempt to assure no conflicts exist with our other potentially allergy sensitive guests/workers.

3. Check-In & Check-Out Policy

Check-In time is between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. Check-Out time is any time before 11am. Any exceptions to these times will require proprietor pre-approval and may include incremental charges.

4. Smoking Policy

All Bienvenue Mon Ami's under roof balconies and indoor space are smoking prohibited areas.  Significant fines for smoking in rooms, on balconies and in common areas are enforced.  Several designated smoking areas that are away from the main house will be pointed out when requested.

5. Emergency Call-Outs

Elevator and main lobby areas phones can summons emergency assistance. Dialing 911 and specifying your location as 20181 East Bell Road in Amite, Louisiana from any phone will get rapid response assistance. Emergency call pulls exist in many of the rooms near the main entrance doors. Pushing the seal off and lifting the switch will summons emergency response via our security monitoring.  

Also, emergency calls ambulance, fire and police are on the security code entry in the hallway across from the common area powder room on the guest rooms with balconies level. If any unnecessary summons is made to emergency services, there is a $1,000.00 fine imposed by the parish that will be added to your bills. If an inadvertent emergency call was mistakenly made, dial the owners at 985-634-7786 and explain what was done. We will then attempt to cancel the callout before it reaches the fine imposed criteria.

6. Common Area Facility Amenities

Common areas include and are not restricted to the following areas: wrap around furnished/heated/shuttered common area 2nd story porch, common area ADA compliant powder room, anywhere under the ceiling designed with acoustics in mind encompassing the game room (pool/board games/foosball and more) and dining/sitting areas, guest access common use kitchenette with microwave/full refrigerator/oven/utensils/plates/cups, evening snacks, featured artist gallery area with for sale artwork and most all our 30 acres outdoor area that includes the largely private hot tub area, fire pit, picnic and walking/trail areas. For a varied by location fee, dinners can be taken out and/or potentially delivered to our premises from local restaurant where they can be consumed in these common areas or in you private rooms. (If help is required, please coordinate through our on-site accessible concierge before 2PM).

Items to look forward to in 2019
On-site spa/exercise facilities are in a design & evaluation phase. We can facilitate local access to others' facilities with reservations/fees required. Catch/release fishing is coming from our late 2018 stocked pond. A very unique octagonal swing surrounded fire pit with flue and roof with picnic and outdoor game area is 50% complete YE18. A top-of-dam edge picnic area leading to our growing number of trails is nearing completion YE18. Our heated toilet seats with bidets started installation in December 2018 and are scheduled for a January 2019 completion.

7. Events and Improving Our Facilities

Larger weddings and other events can be accommodated if the entire facility is rented for the event. On infrequent occasions, small event gatherings may temporarily limit some guest accesses to parts of our facility for short durations. We are almost always in an expansion of amenities/facilities mode, but our rooms and building is so well soundproofed that any construction/improvement/maintenance disturbance should be minimal. Meeting/team building areas are available but generally require the facility be fully rented. We will try to inform room guests of any non-routine events.  

Contact proprietors to determine feasibility, cost, and timing, if you are considering us for an event facilitation.