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Welcome, my friend to Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast, where we feature works of art the moment you enter our grounds. Unlike most bed and breakfast retreats, Bienvenue hosts a semi-annual art show in our very own gallery. Each piece is available for purchase as we strive to support local artists. Explore and appreciate skill and creativity as we honor a new artist approximately every 6 months..

Trilogy: Andrea Hano; Rachel Rodriguez; Melissa Davenport

semi-annual art shows AT the B&B RECOGNIZED AS THE BEST IN LOUISIaNA
(see the press release in our blogs)

Next Exhibition Event:
Trilogy: Andrea Hano, Rachel Rodriguez, Melissa Davenport

date IN AUGUst, 2021 is YET TO BE DETERMINEED Time will be from 5-9PM

Our current artists are 3. The trilogy exhibition will now run into the fall of 2021.  These artist works have been so popular that the gallery walls are continually changing as our artists have had to create and generate numerous new works to replenish their sold masterpieces. The exhibition event is to be scheduled for a Saturday in August 2021 from 5 to 9 PM.  All perspective Art Buyers are invited to attend gratuitously.  Besides our fantastic art displays, the event features music by Michael Niedenhoffer with strumming guitar, appetizer service by Premier Bennet Catering and drink pouring by Crescent Bar of Hammond.

Keep checking our events page for when we will have our future showing events. Each Art Exhibition Event has the featured artist(s) present for you to discuss their artistic endeavors while enjoying appetizers and beverages. Bring your credit cards as most of the displayed works will be available for you to purchase to enhance your offices and homes.

In our past events; members of broadcast media, print media, politicians, professionals (e.g. lawyers, engineers and marketing experts), art brokers and renowned fellow artists have attended our exhibition shows. The society and talk show press reviews were all highly
complementary of the art, the facilities and the event.


Currently Showing:

Trilogy: Andrea Hano; Rachel Rodriguez; Melissa Davenport

Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast with Art Gallery is sponsoring an exhibit showing of fine art for sale

      Andrea Hano (Abstract Oils);

      Rachel Rodriguez (Acrylics and Artist Shadows Mud Art);

       Melissa Davenport (Acrylics and Pet Portraits).

    A Trilogy of Art for the 3rd semi-annual featured artists event

    Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 5 to 8 PM

   20181 East Bell Road, Amite, La. 70422

Open to the public without charge.

Come experience melodies of Michael xxxx of Tickfaw, La. who will be strumming his guitar.

Enjoy fine Hors D’Oeuvres by Boot Hill Restaurant of Amite, La. 

Ponchartrain Vineyards (Bush, La) and other beverages are once again being served by Crescent Bar from Hammond, La.

The real show is in how the gallery has combined the displays of these three fantastic artists to coordinate the colors of select paintings. Andrea Hano's abstract splashes with the shadow effects of Rachel Rodriguez combine with life like and impressionistic style of Melissa Davenport to form an art display that lures the audience into paths of imagination you really have to see to appreciate. When you see the combined effect, you will be buying paintings by the groupings to have that same effect on your home gallery walls.

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Interested in becoming a featured artist?

Bienvenue Mon Ami’s Gallery is endeavoring to highlight a featured artist that changes approximately every 6 months, and we are continually seeking new and appropriate artists. We focus on local artist that have a strong connection with Southeast Louisiana. With the exception of unusual opportunities, we will give preference to individual artists that are from our target area. However, we will consider any and all artists to display and sell their works in our gallery. We will also consider a small team of artists’ work to display.

Interested in becoming a featured artist? Please fill out an application.

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