Healthy Safety At Bienvenue Mon Ami

May 27, 2020

Health & Beauty

Our numerous seating areas provide extensive options to enjoy your stay knowing you will not have to be close to a potential illness acquisition issue. We have always strove to maintain as clean and clutter free facility as possible. However with the COVID-19 epidemic we have extended and improved our policies. We are a new facility designed with modern (eg geothermal HVAC individual room controls) and effective cleaning/maintenance policies and facilities that are not generally available to re-bulit or modernized older facilities. Most of our exterior walls are glass and let in cleansing sunlight. Our black-out outdoor porch edge hurricane shutters, which also routinely sunlight and sanitizer cleansed, are our window treatments that are open for most of the day to afford the guests grand 2nd and 3rd story views of our 30 acres of forest and fairways.  We opened in December of 2018 as a new build facility with all theses and more unique and effective cleansing designs.

Bienvenue Mon Ami has large common & private areas for you to bring restaurant take-outs for your social distance dining on porches, in game rooms or in picnic areas.  Our complimentary gourmet breakfasts & evening snacks are room specific for your room's private balcony or for any of our well-spaced 6 + ft. apart dining areas.  We change our pillows & linens between each guest to a new sanitized version.  While COVID-19 is an issue, all guest reading materials are discarded between guest stays.  Hand & appliance sanitizer liquids & wipes are provided for guests to use.   Staff daily cleanse interior common area typical touch points (pool cues, switches, coded room & elevator door handles, foosball handles, shuffleboard pieces, air hockey hitters & all game lean-on points, +).  Check-ins & outs are all electronically performed from appropriate social distances. Our hot tub is scheduled for one at a time usage and is readily cleaned between clients. Interior window treatments are minimal and the few we have are cleaned between clients. We UV treat our fabrics cushions between clients & we've extensive outdoor areas that see enough sunlight for increased effective sanitizing beyond or disinfectants used on touch points. Our common area kitchen requires no guest to touch a point that is not or cannot be sanitized. All our appliance controls and handles are readily cleansed with disinfectants and we provide sanitizers for each guest to on the push buttons and handles of controls and cooking appliances. We provide guests the option of using disposable or very high temperature dishwasher cleansed tableware. We provide food segregation containers with labeling capabilities that keep your food stuff safely contained away from others.

As always, we are well stocked in gloves,masks, disinfectants and sanitizers. We provide masks and gloves to guests if they request. Our maximum guest count of 2 per room makes the guests in our 4 rooms keeps the whole mansion well below maximums We have extensive outdoor areas and large open common use indoor areas that afford all our guests plenty of distancing space.

If you have a suggestion for our improving our process, let us know.