Puppy Pick-ups and a Grand Stay

March 26, 2021


A very popular event at Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery is becoming the puppy pick-up or canine training return home pre-stay at the  B&B. Several breeders and dog trainers operate within just a few miles. Several are recommending us as the experience builder that creates fond lifetime memories of the grand pick-up event.


After long dog searches for your perfect breed of canine, you have finally found the registered puppy breed you desire from a very reputable breeder.

You a check out their websites and references, and decide to call. They are so popular that you have to get on a waiting list for at least several months out.

On the nights before your pick-up they'll recommend a stay at the exclusive Louey award winning 2020 Best B&B in Louisiana (exclusive to only one B&B a year as presented by the Louisiana State Office of Tourism based on reviews, offerings, and community involvement). Two nights let's you unwind and is encouraged, especially if your traveling from afar, as you need to be rested to make the return trip with your new puppy in tow. You call the B&B to arrange a stay as soon as you are told the puppy availability date of your new puppy because you correctly heard there are often a waiting list for the B&B stay as well as for the puppy. You inform the hosts you have no food allergies AND that you there for the puppy pick-up. You note that the website offered a massage spa treatment and work with the B&B hosts (Jeff and Laura) to arrange a relaxing sunset massage with a grand private balcony western view over the treetops. (as much advance notice as possible can more readily insure our masseuses availability).

The day to travel finally arrives. You pack up the dog carrier, pick-up some doggie treats and get into the car to start your journey. You arrive at the B&B and the hosts give you a grand tour with explanations of the numerous amenities. Your couples massage is scheduled for your second night's stay and your arrival on the 1st night finds several congratulatory elements from the host. They vary but have been doggie pads, bone shaped brownies, cards, etc.    That 1st night you relish an extensive complimentary appetizer Charcuterie tray from the B&B's renowned and oft awarded Chef Laura. On the chaulk board statuete you read your name's welcome and feel your taste buds tingle when reading Chef Laura's coming mornings complimentary gourmet breakfast's offerings.

On waking on the 1st full day stay at the B&B your anticipation of the coming new member to your household is overwhelming, but you know you must chill to be relaxed enough for a safe trip home. Hence, you decide to hot tub in the B&B's secluded setting. You hike the trails and feed the fish. You discover the grounds embedded outdoor lifesize bronze artwork and pick your favorite indoor art gallery painting (Note: you realize that painting style and colors go well over the home fireplaces,so you later buy the painting on the way out to get the puppy).

You wonder up to the game room and beat your husband at shuffleboard, pool, air hockey and Foosball. You pick a book to read from the B&B's library knowing you won't have time to finish it during your stay. The proprietors said to take it home to finish it and to bring back a book to replace it on your next trip to Bienvenue Mon Ami B&B. You know you will be back as this place is fantastic, so you plan to start a book and to take the chosen book with you. The wrap-around front porch swings are your chosen reading place. You rock and read the afternoon away. Early that evening you feed the fish on the B&B's pond and are amazed at how they are like little Piranha's eating the gallon of fish food the proprietors provided you. After the fish feed you head up to the room for your sunset couples simultaneous massage which turns out to be an amazing experience with the melodic music, the warm towels, the warm table, the soothing hands, the orange sunset glow into to room's balcony and soothing aromas. A truly ahhh moment to never be forgotten.


Breeders we partner with to provide top notch experiences:

Snow Creek Jack Russells Web:

Southern Scotties Web:

26058 E. Snow Creek Rd., Amite, La. 70422

Phone: 985-981-1161