Schedule an Hour for a Sunset Couples Massage

July 7, 2020

Health & Beauty


As this BLOG author I can attest to the best massage therapy session I have ever had has been at Sunset on the Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery private porches of the Rose of Sharon, the Hibscus or the Lily Rooms. The best balcony experience nights are in the fall and spring when the temperatures are perfect to relax without cool shivers or hot sweats. On the nights when the humidity or temperature are not perfect, the same effect can be had in your individually temperature controlled room with the western sky sunlight fade fully visible through each room's balcony double glass door and picture window wall. Mid-day appointments are possible, but generally require a minimum two night stay to allow scheduling during the day between the nights stayed.

Makalya Slone and Stephen Husser are two of the best therapist we could have hoped to contract for your massage therapy sessions. Their techniques are readily suited to your preferences. Mine is firmer with pressure points concentrated to achieve accupressure improvements. My wifes is generally for a lighter touch. We both love their facial, scalp, hand and foot massage therapy too.

Their room/balcony light settings, massage oils and associated scents with chosen background melodies are all soothing and relaxing. Their use of warm towels and pillows to support legs and head are perfectly placed.

You simply have got to book a session with your stay (please try to do so with a few weeks notice).

Specifics of Massage Therapy At Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery in Amite, Louisiana:

Enjoy a full 60 Minute Massage either in your room or on your private balcony.   Our therapist (Makayla Slone and Stephen Husser) are exceptional and licensed.  Price for each single massage therapy session is currently at an introductory price of 100$.  This means that a couple’s therapy can be scheduled for a simultaneous session for 200$.

The available times will have to be scheduled and coordinated with our therapist(s).  

Hence, to assure your appointment we urge you to call 985-634-7786 at least 5 days before your arrival to assure all can schedule a mutually convenient time.  Using our on-line reservation will restrict clients from directly ordering a therapy session within 5 days of a stay.  Call to see if we might be able to schedule a session if within 5 days of your arrival.

In the event that a therapist cannot be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and you have prepaid; we will reverse your charges for any therapy session, and we will attempt to contact you before your arrival.