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Welcome, my friend to Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast, where we feature works of art the moment you enter our grounds. Unlike most bed and breakfast retreats, Bienvenue hosts a semi-annual art show in our very own gallery. Each piece is available for purchase as we strive to support local artists. Explore and appreciate skill and creativity as we honor a new artist every quarter.

semi-annual art shows

Our current artist, Theresa Beaubouef's exhibition will run through the end of April, 2019. As soon as our next artist(s) and their display periods are finalized, we will highlight their attributes here. Keep checking our events page for when we will have our next showing event. The event has the featured artist present for you to discuss their artistic endeavors while enjoying appetizers and beverages. Bring your credit cards as most of the displayed works will be available for you to purchase to enhance your offices and homes.

In our past events; members of broadcast media, print media, politicians, professionals (e.g. lawyers, engineers and marketing experts), art brokers and renowned fellow artists have attended our exhibition shows. The society and talk show press reviews were all highly
complementary of the art, the facilities and the event.


Currently Showing:
Theresa Beaubouef

At Bienvenue Mon Ami, we are currently exhibiting the art work of Theresa Beaubouef. Theresa is originally from Alexandria. Although much of her career involved science and technology, creativity and art have always been a driving force in her life. She seeks out a variety of interesting subjects for her art—often inspired by nature—and then decides which media will best express them.

Acrylics, watercolors, oils, pencil, and pen and ink are used most often in her art. Theresa belongs to the Hammond Art Guild and Amite Art Club. Her art has appeared in numerous local exhibitions and exhibits and in private and public collections.

Please call or contact us to schedule a gallery tour at 20181 East Bell Road in Amite, Louisiana 70422 to view and purchase any of the magnificent works of art that Theresa Beaubouef has on display at Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery. While viewing Theresa’s gallery on our site, please let us know if you are interested in purchasing any of her pieces depicted. Unless the artwork was recently sold, we can readily arrange your payment processing followed by the delivery of her work of art.

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Interested in becoming a featured artist?

Bienvenue Mon Ami’s Gallery is endeavoring to highlight a featured artist that changes approximately every 6 months, and we are continually seeking new and appropriate artists. We focus on local artist that have a strong connection with Southeast Louisiana. With the exception of unusual opportunities, we will give preference to individual artists that are from our target area. However, we will consider any and all artists to display and sell their works in our gallery. We will also consider a small team of artists’ work to display. Interested in becoming a featured artist? Please fill out of application.

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