2023/2024 Columbia Theatre Show, Dinnner at Cena or Tope La, Limo style Ride To/From Downtown Hammond and Bienvenue Mon Ami Lodge

Columbia Theatre and Dining in Hammond with Limo Style Delivery to/from B&B Starts and Ends at 20181 East Bell Road with Nightlife or Matinee Entertainment downtown Hammond in the Middle

Starts and Ends at 20181 East Bell Road with Nightlife or Matinee Entertainment downtown Hammond in the Middle

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Now Thru 5/2/2024-Dates & Times Vary See Description Below

Book a Stay that includes the event date  of select Columbia Theatre in Hammond, La, 2023/24 and per person purchase this package to get Tickets, a $25/person Hammond Restaurant Voucher and a Free Round-trip Transportation  between Hammond diners and B&B on the day of the Columbia Event.  All these packages includes preferred reserved seating.

For most events Columbia is holding select tickets for this package in reserve for up to two weeks before each event.  The package may become unavailable in that 2 week window.  

We will contact you if availability becomes an issue to your package.

When you are booking on a Theatre Package night, select a stay period that includes the show you desire. Scroll down the booking engine to see the option to select tha package for attending the Columbia Theatre Event.  Event dates are listed below. Call us (985-634-7786) to confirm the tickets desired so that we can get the preferred seating and date desired assured ASAP. Some stays may span several theatre events and we need to make sure you are getting the date and show you desire.

Because tickets are purchased soon after you make the reservation, this entire package inclusive of room rental charges are treated as an event with respect to our cancellation policies.

Guests are required to check-in to the B&B at least a half hour before the limo leaves the B&B.

Afternoon/Morning Events leave an hour before the show and dinner will be scheduled for after show with return to B&B from restaurant 1.5 hours after show ends.

Evening shows will transport to dinner pre-show and leave B&B approximately  2 and 1/2 hours before show.

2023/24 Season is as follows:

    August 1,  7:30 PM

       Northshore Community Band:

       Star Wars and Other Scores

    August, 7:30 PM

       Murder on the High Seas Dinner at the Theatre Show

    August 19, 2023:  7:30 PM

       Eat a Peach:

       Tribute to Allmasn Brothers Band

    Sept 22, 28,29; 2023  7 PM

    Sept  23,24,30: 2023  2 PM


       Choose your Own Arabian Night

    Oct 7, 2023 11 AM

       The Dinosar Experience Returns!

    Oct. 13, 7 PM

       Tango in the Night: Mary's Wish

       Evening of Fleetwood Mac Music

    October 20 and 21, 2023  9 pm

       The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    November 5  7 PM

       Southeastern's - Alumni

       Dance Performance Project

    November 9 7:30 PM

       Southeastern's Own

       Concert Choir and Bella Voce

    November 1  7:30 PM

       Southeastern's Own

       Wind Symphony

    November 30  6 PM

       Southeastern's Big Band

       Holiday Christmas Concert

    December 1  6 PM

       Holiday Extravaganza

       The Nightmare Before Christmas

    December 8, 9 at 7 PM and 10 at 2PM

        The Nutcracker

    March 15,22 at 7:30 PM 16,23 at 2 PM


    April 17  7:30 PM

       SLU Jazz Facility-22nd Annual

       Bill Evans Jazz Festival

    April 19 7:30 PM

       SLU Alumni Ensemble-22nd Annual

       Bill Evans Jazz Festival

    April 30 7:30 PM

        Southeastern's SLU&NS Choir,

        Symphonic & Community Bands

    May 2 7:30PM

         Star Wars Return of trhe Jedi

Again, please verify one of the nights you are staying is a show day/night and call us after making your reservation or to work with us on the phone so that we can make the reservation with you..  We are notified when you make reservation, but the sooner we order tickets, the more likely there will be theatre  availability.

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