Business Day Conference Package

Option 1:

For parties less than 17 persons:

Cost of 4 rooms & 2 glamping sites at full capacity for night before, nights during and night after events
+ food options

Option 2:

For parties in excess of 16 persons:

Cost of 4 rooms & 2 glamping sites at full capacity for night before, nights during and after events
+food options
+ $495 (For conference events over multiple days - minimum 3 nights stay- the excess person event fee may be waived. Call to determine if size and type of event can allow waiving fee).

Business team building exercises or small conferences for up to 30 people can be readily accommodated in our loft area with dual large screen HDTV to PC hook-ups a potential.  Break-out areas work well on our wrap around porch. Other break-out options include our 3 guest level individual rooms which can have seating for up to 8 people in each room.  Our guest rooms all come with an HDTV with potential PC / internet connections,  

Although not in an area with a view of our dual presentation loft HDTV’s, our guest level dining area has seated 36 persons and our wrap around outdoor porch has chairs for 16 and tables for 12 more. These non-loft areas can serve to provide lunch and snack services.  The fresh ground coffee and tea are included and unlimited.   

Buffet style snack, lunch and breakfast catering services can be made available for a fee. If breakfast catering is an option selected, we will not charge a breakfast catering fee for your designated registered overnight guests (up to 16 maximum).  Note that you can designate up to 16 persons as registered overnight guests, even if they are not spending the night. You can also arrange for your own catering with a $250 potentially refundable clean-up deposit.  A 250$ fee will be retained/charged for each night of the event that requires Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast to clean-up anything after your caterers.

We have a small business center with a limited use PC, printer and copier available.  If you require printing of more than a few sheets, you should plan to bring copies with you.

To gain access to this unique team building capability, your business will have to reserve the main house event with the criteria described for our evening events. To gain all normal business hour access for non-overnight guests of your event (8AM to 5PM), the nights on each side of the full day event must be rented for all 4 rooms and 2 glamping sites at full capacity.   

Renting the facility for your business function gives key guests access to our 4 double occupancy high end rooms with unique private baths and balconies.  If needed for your other guests, there are a number of hotels within a 10 mile radius. Inspect our accommodations and events pages for more details that that include usage times allowed and ongoing main house developments. Inspect our room reservation calendar to find periods where no rooms are rented to determine our potential main house event openings. to reserve your event period and to make sure there are no other issues.

Please Note:

  • BBQ night foods will vary in content. However, they will always have unsweet tea (with sweeteners available), ice water and S'mores for around the fire.
  • Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast will not serve alcoholic beverages but it has no policies that prevent client's from bringing their own beverages.
  • Although we encourage guests to socialize in our common areas, Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast can serve your full breakfast with fresh juices on your rooms private balcony on request.
  • In addition to a professional 18 hole golf course, Cam2 Golf Course has a driving range and you can rent balls to drive by the bucket. You can also enjoy their clubhouse before and after you tee off. After a day of hitting the dimpled ball. come back to the bed and breakfast to enjoy our games or other activities.
  • Please see our Event Policy page for more information.

(plus applicable taxes, gratuity and further increased base fees for parties in excess of 30 persons may apply)

(plus a 3.5% credit card fees for any amounts beyond room rentals)

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