In Grand Style Bridal Dressing Special

Cost of Rooms and Glamping Sites during event

Rent all four rooms and two glamping sites for full capacity for two days and event fee for the bridal preparation party, first night honeymoon, and photographer/videographer access fees are waived for that two day period. The entire facility is made available from 3 PM the day before the wedding to 11 AM the day after the wedding for up to 16 bridal party personages, and the hairdressers and make-up artists can be incremental personages on-site without charge.   

A daily brunch/breakfast for up to 16 bridal party guests only is included.

With this Special, facility is available for rehearsal dinner or otherwise on evening before wedding for reasonable or no added costs.

     (when booking your rooms you will need to contact us directly - 985-634-7786 to be able to utilize the facility for Dress the Bridal Party)

  • If any rooms are already rented by non-wedding party members before you reserve the event for full facility use, you will not have this option available. Hence, you should book out the facility and pay the deposit well in advance of your planned event date.
  • To get full facility use and have your bridesmaids enjoy the game rooms, common areas, hot tubs along with their hairdressing and make-up allowed in our spacious common areas; you will need to pay the full cost to rent all 4 rooms and the two glamping sites at full capacity for two nights.   If the full facility is rented for the nights on each side of the wedding, the bride and groom can have the option to enjoy the honeymoon 1st night of marriage package incidentals without paying the Honeymoon incremental fee (as long as the bridesmaids agree not to reuse their rooms that night).
  • If any guests not designated as an overnight guests or non-bridal party members (other than the groom and the bridal party attendants/hairdressers/make-up artists) are utilizing the common indoor areas of the facility during the Dress the Bridal Party event, an incremental $495 non-overnight guest fee will be required.   You can designate up to 20 persons as overnight guests with a full facility, full capacity rental even if those specific guests are not truly spending the night. Our rooms sleep 8 in 2 persons beds and an additional 12 can stay on-site if you bring 2 RV's.
  • If all 4 rooms and 2 glamping sites are rented for two nights where each night is before and after the wedding (full facility rental) for the Bridal Party event, all members will have full common area access. Outside food and beverages will then be allowed to be served in the common areas for all guests designated as overnight attendees in the event. When outside food/beverages are used by non-overnight guests in the common areas, a $250 potentially refundable deposit for clean-ups not done in a timely manner will be required.   
  • Only when purchasing this option and for incremental fees (costs depend on food service and desires of the bride),  we can generally arrange for day before wedding on-site evening dining for non-overnight guest and/or overnight guests that is comparable in costs to other local establishments.  This meal could serve as a rehearsal dinner. Contact us and we can work up a quote based on your desires.
  • If you rent for these two nights the full facility (rooms and glamping at full capacity), the photographer and videographer will have full access to our entire facility at no incremental charge for the rental period.

Please Note:

  • Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast will not serve alcoholic beverages but it has no policies that prevent client's from bringing their own beverages.
  • Although we encourage guests to socialize in our common areas, Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast can serve your full breakfast with fresh juices on your rooms private balcony on request.
  • Please see our Event Policy page for more information.

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