Wedding and Events for over 40 Guests Need only Rent 4 Rooms and Two glamping Spots for Two Nights To get the Whole Facility

Typically Less than $4000

For your wedding with over 40 guests + bride and groom + officiant + photographer + B&B employed staff needed to facilitate makes for a crowded mansion area reception or ceremony. For events of this size a tent and other outdoor elements (dance floors, sound systems, etc) become a necessity. Additionally, the glamping areas need to be avaialble for parking of guest vehicles.

By renting the four mansion guest rooms plus the two glamping spots at the then listed nightly rental fee on the date of and date before your wedding, any other venue rental fees are waived and the glamping spots will be avaiable to the wedding party for RV's or parking.

For no incremental charge, we can provide up to 25 total quality folding chairs plus the amish built mansion chairs (which are required to be kept in the mansion) can provide a net of 50 seating locations in the combined Game room and glass enclosed common area. Four extra folding tables are avaialable from the B&B and can be used to facilitate up a sit down dinner.  You should plan for a tent as a weather protected back-up location. However, any of our georgeous outdoor ceremony locations are encouraged. They include on the grounds near the trellis on a slab next to the lighted, fountained pond; under the wedding tree with a view of the bridal walk down the mansion's grand-staircase entry to the wedding walk bridge; or on the open air slab next to the sculpture garden's covered, floating flue, fire pitted gazebo. You can plan one of our outdoor locations for the ceremony and have the tent as a weather required back-up. If the ceremony/reception goes past sunset, incremental lighting may become necessary in certain areas. We have areas well light for after dark, but supplemental lighting either using extension cords from or electrical boxes or via battereries will propably be required. Work with the proprietors to help you get the effects you desire.

Included in this package is

One room one night as the Honeymoon Package Outlines

Two glamping spots are provided for RV full service hook-ups.

For wedding less than 100 attendees, mansion yoilet facilities are generally adequate if the Hyrdrangea room bath is utilized as a public toilet and guests are made aware of the public area toilet powder room available on the guest level. For the larger ceremonies, you may wish to open one or two of the balcony room toilets up to public usage.

Three rooms two night for up to 6 overnight guests plus the honeymoon room (for the bride and groom) can be used by two others the night before the wedding,

Sleeping accommodations for more overnight guests can be accommodated for our current extra per person per night overnight guest fees-ask proprietors for details.

Normal B&B amenities for each night rented for all paying overnight guests (16 in base of 4 rooms/glamping spots + extra personages paying). Includes:

    Gourmet breakfast

    Evening Snack

    Unlimited coffee

     Waters/tea/soda's that would be typical for number of paying overnight guests per night

The professional photographer fees to be on-site is waved.

Use of the B&B limited sound system iand game room area is avaiable.

Use of all our outdoor facilities is included (except the areas visible from the owner's quarters windows)

Hosts can provide recommendations for photographers, food caterers, alcohol caterers, officiant's, flower sources, wedding equipment/decoration providers and bakers. In addition to tents, extra outdoor chairs and tables, glassware, silverware, plates and decorations needing rented/purchased; portable toilets, dance floors and more that you may desire will need to be rented or purchased. Ask about options and our contacts to help you when making your room reservations.

If the B&B staff have to do clean-ups beyond what normal B&B guests would require, there will be a $250 charge added to the credit card on file for each area in disarray. Similarly, costs to repair any damages caused by event guests will be charged to the card on file. See our policy statements on this website for details.

If any rooms or glamping spots are rented by another client on the desired date before you put down the non-refundable 50% deposit, you will no longer be able to schedule your event on that date. Please reserve your dates ASAP to avoid disappointments. When you make your reservation, we will block the glamping sites from making reservations so that you can be assured of whole facility exclusive use for your event. As this event requires assurance of availability etc, we urge you to call us asap to start helping you.

In addition to the facility charges acquired by renting all 4 rooms, you will need to purchase flowers, food catering, alcohol catering, officiant support, photographic services, clothing attire, invitations and a wedding cake. You may also desire to acquire items not included in this package price such as special sound equipment, special outdoor night lighting, musicians (or DJ's), stemware, extra plates/silverware, decorations and any other special items desired to create your unique experience.

When alcohol is served by a caterer, there will be an added $150 charge by the B&B to acquire event liability insurance covering the Bed and Breakfast and the wedding organizers/clients.

The owner's quarters (including their breakfast prep kitchen, their garage, and pantry) and porch/outdoor area adjacent to their entry ways are not included in the facility rental. Also excluded in the rental are metal barn building internal spaces.

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