Wedding Bridal Party Dressing Package


Get ready to move on to your marriage commitment by spending a special time with the people who have been a major part of your life – your bridal attendants and moms. The Dress The Bridal Party event adds a memorable experience to allow you the seclusion and bounding needed before your wedding.

  • Rental of two of our three private balcony rooms on the night before the Bridal Dressing that can sleep 4 people.
  • Use these rooms only for Dress the Bridal Party the day of the wedding for up to 8 people (including the bride). If there are more than 8 bridal party members, another room must be rented at the current rental rate in order to dress the complete  Bridal Party on the day of the event. With the three balcony connected second floor rooms all rented, up to 12 bridal party members (day guests) can be readily accommodated on the wedding day. Evening snacks and breakfast for up to 12 are included
  • When you rent for two nights at the current pricing all 4 of our rooms and the two glamping spots. the event fee is waived.  The only, additional pricing will be for food and beverages for Dress the Bridal Party guests in excess of guests 16 maximum. This our preferred event package set-up.

Note: our facility can readily sleep up to 8 overnight guests by renting 4 rooms (more if also utilizing our Glamping slots with your RV's). .

  • If any guests not designated as overnight guests or non-bridal party members (other than the groom and the bridal party attendants/hairdressers/make-up artists) are utilizing the "common space" indoor areas of the facility during the "Wedding Bridal Party Dressing" event, an incremental $750 non-overnight guest fee will be required.  With paying the base event fee you can have can have up to 4 day guests per rented room (12 maximum) utilizing common area facilities. Only 2 guests per room will have a sleeping beds.
  • Unless the full facility (4 rooms and 2 glamping sites at capacity) are rented; the dress the bride specific festivities must be restricted to the guest rooms. Common area use by the bridal party day designated members is allowed for elements like dining, games, kitchen use. However, decorating, dressing, make-up, hairdressing must be restricted to the guest rooms. The common area quiet times after 10 PM need to be respected.
  • For non-full capacity facility rentals event for a "day" weddings we provide a per night rented full gourmet breakfast for all day designated guests (4/room rented - 12 maximum) in our Bed and Breakfast common area (Note: we have a strict limit of two overnight guests per rented room and 6 overnight guests for each of our two Glamping Sites).
  • For non-full capacity two day facility rentals event for an "evening" weddings: The package includes an incremental snack tray for all designated day guests (4 per room -12 maximum) , The snacks include(Cheese, fruit, small sandwiches and crackers--Note: for this wedding "evening" timing, breakfast service is only provided those who actually spent the night at the B&B)
  • Pricing will be increased accordingly for food and beverages for "Wedding Bridal Party Dressing" guests in excess of all day guests (4/room 12 Max).   Any guest counts in excess of 20 will require special caterers and incremental furnishings and as such will require increased pricing that will include a second event fee.
  • Beverages include soft drinks, bottled water, coffee
  • Breakfasts include fresh squeezed juice. Bring your own champagne for Mimosa's (Juice for 4 per rented room)
  • We will not charge an increment for hairdressers and makeup artists that you hire independently to attend you and your bridesmaids on the day of the wedding only (they can be incremental to the maximum of all overnight and day designated guests). This can allow you to have everything done at one location and in elegant suites.
  • Your photographer and videographer are welcome to capture memories of this unique opportunity in the "Wedding Bridal Party Dressing" rented rooms only.  Only when you rent the full facility (rooms and glamping at full capacity), will your photographer and videographer have at no charge access to our full facility rather than just the rented rooms.
  • Please see our Event Policy page for more information and restrictions.  
  • Contact Us to reserve your event.
Please Note:
  • Although we encourage guests to socialize in our common areas, Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast can serve your full breakfast with fresh juices on your rooms private balcony on request.
  • Bienvenue Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast will not serve alcoholic beverages, but it has no policies that prevent client's from bringing their own beverages.
  • Please see our Event Policy page for more information.

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